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The Magic Ball Man performed at the Eden Project during August (our busiest period of the year) and we were very impressed. The act is mesmerising and holds people of all ages spell-bound.It provided a fantastic welcome and entertained thousands of visitors with no language barrier. We would not hesitate to book him again.”

 Nathan Mansbridge

 Visitor Experience Manager, Eden Project


It’s the unplanned little happenings that you stumble across at festivals which make the day. FFA were particularly impressed with The Magic Ball Man (no seriously) fascinating the crowds over the weekend with some virtuoso contact juggling. It had to be seen to be believed. Excellent stuff.

Barrie Dimond

Festivals For All


The Magic Ball Man is a regular attraction on the street adjacent to Stonegate where I have a shop called Pyramid Gallery. Having watched him develop from one or two balls up to five, and having seen the crowds that often block the street, I asked him to do a spot at a charity event that we were hosting in October 2011. Many guests stated afterwards that the 30 minutes of performances were the highlight of their evening. I’m asking back to do a similar event in 2012!”

Terry Brett

Pyramid Gallery, York


The balls have a life of their own: floating above the ground or rising into the air, apparently under their own volition, as he dances and weaves around them.”

Stephen Lewis

York Press









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