Contact Juggling, also known as  crystal ball manipulation or sphereplay is a relatively new form of juggling where balls are rolled over the hands and body instead of being tossed in the air.

combination of skill,precision, timing and movement combine to create the illusion that the ball is gliding and floating effortlessly around the juggler’s body. Or is it the juggler’s body that moves around a seemingly stationary ball that appears to defy gravity?

To master the art requires countless hours of practice and patience.There are no magic tricks though it just might be 

the closest thing to real magic” that you’ll ever see.

Contact juggling is the perfect entertainment choice for weddings, corporate events, parties,festivals……

Guaranteed to amaze and astound.

The act can be tailored to meet your requirements with a selection of costumes and the option of walkabout entertainment or a stage performance set to music.

Contact juggling delights people of all ages and cuts through language barriers.

The look of wonder and fascination on a spectator’s face is worth a thousand words.